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About us

Company Description

ZAO “Petroplasma” was established for promotion of plasma-arc technologies for metal surface treatment.

The technology of plasma-arc treatment enables:

  • To substitute any other mechanical and chemical techniques of surface cleaning, which are used today but do not meet the up-to-date requirements for final product quality, equipment usage efficiency and environmental friendliness of the process

  • In many cases to modify and activate the surface by giving it features, which significantly improve technical and economical indexes for further technological processing and/or for consumer properties of finished products
  • To coat cost-effectively metal surfaces with coatings of different metals according to customers’ demands.
Company History

ZAO Petroplasma scientific efforts are rooted in 1960-s. Our country was a leader in outer space exploring. Some of our todays scientific officers took part in creation of plasma rocket engines. During that work scientists discovered some physical phenomena, which underlain technologies as well as engineering and structural solutions developed by ZAO Petroplasma.

In 1989 three large state factories – Baltic Ship-building Yard, Krasny Cheemick (Red Chemist) factory and Middle Nevsky Ship-building Yard founded a small-scale research-and-production company Plasma. Later owners of the company and the type of its ownership changed several times but the main direction of activities and a team of scientists remained unchanged.

Thus ZAO Petroplasma, founded on 11.11.2002, has evolved from existing scientific field and solid scientific and research base. The company has many contacts with European business partners. Cooperation with German scientists and companies is especially productive; the equipment developed by our company successfully operates in Germany. We are open for scientific and business contacts.

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