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Advantages of Plasma-arc Cleaning Technology

Multifunctional Performance

  • Application for any metals and alloys;

  • Application for the products of almost any sizes. Today there is no technological restrictions for development of plasma cleaning equipment for steel strips with width up to 2 m and unlimited length and thickness;

  • Application in any environment: at the plant or in the field, in any season;

  • Capability to carry out simultaneously thermal treatment of a product and its surface layer outgassing;

  • Capability to modify the product surface and activate it simultaneously;

  • Capability to deposit metal coatings simultaneously with cleaning;

You get what is required to solve your problems.


  • No consumables are required

  • Small working areas are needed for the units

  • No basements are needed for the equipment

  • The drawing force becomes lower as a result of a good soap trapping by a wire surface.


  • There is no penetration of foreign materials and chemical compounds into the base material being cleaned (no charging);

  • The product surface defects are revealed in the cleaning process;

  • The surface becomes highly adhesive after cleaning; that is important for the subsequent deposition of coatings, for the drawing and rolling operations;

  • The material intergranular corrosion is eliminated;

  • The corrosion resistance of cleaned products is maintained for a long time.

You get the highest cleaning quality (on atomic scale) as well as improvement of product quality.

Environmental Friendliness
The wastes of the vacuum-arc plasma cleaning process are harmless gaseous compounds, CO2 and H2O molecules.

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